Online course – Introduction to Chaos Magic


In this two-part 2×4 hour course on 4th and 11th July at 2pm Dave Lee and Niki Hughes will provide a comprehensive introduction to basic Chaos Magic. There is possibly no better introduction as Dave wrote on of the most accessible and thorough books in the field of Chaos Magic – Chaotopia. It remains one of the stand out books available and for this course you get the Author himself to guide you in the discovery of all things Chaos Magic, aided by his once student and now long time practitioner and tutor Niki Hughes.

Chaos magicians do magic and we’d like to invite you to do some magic too. We tend not to reuse our group rituals, so we have gathered a lot of experience in putting together workings from scratch.
So whether this is to be your first ritual or your hundredth this course offers the chance to meet fellow travellers, practice simple but powerful techniques and use these in a group ritual setting.

The course is in two parts, consisting of two 4-hour sessions on successive Saturdays, with live discussion and magic interspersed with specially-created short videos.
In the first part (4th July) we’ll take you through three rituals we’ve planned ourselves so you can get the hang of how effective workings are constructed, then you’ll get the opportunity to plan together a fourth ritual.
You can book for just the first part if you like. The second part is not stand-alone, it depends on what you’ll have learned in the first.

This will give us the structure to include these topics in Part 1, among others:
Enchantment: mantras and sigils
Divination: guidance for designing your working
Gnosis: exalted states for doing magic
Details and booking for Part 2 – Advanced Ritual Design – is here:

This is a pay as you feel event. When we run this series in the Goddess Temple above Airy Fairy we charge £23 full and £17 concession. We still put the same work in and the event is still hosted by Airy Fairy and taught by 2 experienced practitioners. If you can fit the price structure please do, however we are aware that things are tight for some at this time so will accept a donation to suit your circumstances, this does not need our approval just make the payment as you see fit.

Use the payment link to make your payment and then email us as to let us know which event you wish to book for. Further course correspondence will be sent if needed and any follow up information after the event.
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Online course – Introduction to Connected Breathwork

On this course, you will learn to breathe in a continuous cycle which will nudge aside the internal monologue and put you in the present moment, in your body, in feelings. You will learn to appreciate whatever is there, just under the surface of your thoughts, and so to achieve bliss states much more readily. It is a simple technique, a skill that you can acquire on this course and take away with you. 

The course offerings include:

  • 3 coached Connected Breathwork sessions
  • Mp3 downloads of ‘virtual coach’ audios
  • Access to the course videos for the run of the course
  • Invitation to a specially-created Discord forum for support between coached sessions.


Connected Breathwork sessions are usually conducted lying down, so have somewhere comfortable to do that. You may feel cold during the session, so have a blanket or cover to hand.

Breathwork is best done on not too full a stomach. You’re fine eating a little light food before a session if you wish. Do not fast for a session unless you are experienced in fasting and its effects on you.

Health issues: Connected Breathwork is an extremely safe and gentle form of healing. However, some sessions can be emotionally intense, and for this reason it is best to check suitability with your coach if you have serious heart problems. By which I mean, if your heart condition is such that you could not, say, run for a bus. 

Connected Breathwork often has good effects on asthma sufferers. You may choose to use inhalers or not, and still take part in sessions.

Cost: The full price is £65, which is a good deal less than I usually ask for such an event. However, I know things are tight for a lot of us, so if you’re keen to take part I’d rather have you on the course than not! So please make an offer!


You can pay via:

Use the payment link to make your payment and then email us as to let us know which event you wish to book for. Further course correspondence will be sent if needed and any follow up information after the event. 

Your email will be used for this purpose only.

Rune Magic workshop online!

The next Magic, Witchcraft Chaos and Beyond workshop will be our first online offering, and will consist of Anwen Fryer and me presenting An Introduction to Rune Magic.

In this 4 hour workshop (with breaks) I pass on some of what I’ve learned, through interactive talks, videos created especially for the session and crafting support from Anwen who will take you though making illuminated rune cards. The basics of the Elder Futhark, Bind Runes, and Rune Galdor will be covered giving you a great grounding so you can continue your studies with a firm foundation.

This workshop is a pay as you feel event. When originally run with room hire and coffee included we charged £23, please use this as a guide, obviously online we don’t have the same over heads and can hopefully accommodate more people. Donations can be made to secure your place to please put a note on to say it is for the rune workshop. Alternatively we can send you a card payment link to your mobile or email, just get in touch.

We will share the Zoom address once payment is made. If you are unemployed or on a low income please feel encouraged to attend for what you can afford, or ask about our bursaries.

Finally we ask you to get, from a supermarket or on-line shop 10 sheets of A4 card, colour is your preference however they need to be light enough to draw on so the writing stands out. This is essential to the course.

Looking forward to meeting you

Dave & Anwen

Season of Plague

Obviously, things have to be different during the covid pandemic. The Magic, Witchcraft Chaos and Beyond series of workshops in Sheffield’s Airy Fairy, or at least some of them, will be happening in some online form. Sign up to my Chaotopia Newsletter here for announcements about this and other events, including an entirely new online School of Magick.

I’ve also been writing in the newsletter about life during the plague months, the magical opportunities and other good stuff we can do during lockdown. Here’s an excerpt from the last one.


So how do we live and how do we feel during all this? Only total morons and scumbags hypnotized by money are suggesting we ignore the pandemic and get on with life as usual. On the other hand, it makes little sense to panic about it. Use this time to do something special with your life. Maybe even connecting with people in ways you’ve not done before.

Lockdown gives us the opportunity to work on what kind of world we’ll emerge into. Magical writers are coming up with some great stuff. Julian Vayne has written three covid-related posts on his excellent Blog of Baphomet. I suspect he’s not the only magician who’s suggested framing the isolation experience as a magical retirement or retreat. That’s certainly how I’m looking at it.

These posts include a superb suggestion for coordinated workings, with this sigil, called Hearty:

My partner’s and my spin on this is at the top.

And a tune composed from the DNA sequence of the coronavirus.

So get enchanting, people. Don’t waste a good crisis.

‘Magical Incenses’ available again!

My first ever book Magical Incenses, first version was in 1992, has been out of print for a while. It’s now available in a smart new Amazon edition from here, and as a Kindle edition here.

This book provides all the knowledge you need to make high quality magical incenses for ritual, celebration and meditation.

It is suitable both for the complete beginner and the advanced ritualist. Over 100 ingredients are introduced, and over 70 recipes are given. For those who wish to formulate their own recipes, comprehensive Tables of Correspondences are include

‘Burn to me perfumes!’


A whole new programme of workshops – Seven Days of Magic – 7 workshops next year at Sheffield’s Airy Fairy, with the first two being:

Jan 18. Crystal Magic 2-6pm

Feb 29. Charms and Sigils. Followed by – Collage and Cut-up in Magic. 2-6pm

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All of this interspersed with pictures to lighten it up.

Speaking at Occulture Berlin 2019

I’m doing a talk – see the graphic – and also a workshop on collective Chaos Magic ritual technique. If it’s anything like last year’s event, Occulture will be well worth the price of a ticket for anyone interested in contemporary magic.
This includes a rare opportunity to catch a workshop by Coral Carte on Sacred Transformational Bodywork (Biodanza), very powerful stuff.

Review of ‘The Science of Microdosing Psychedelics’

The magnificent Psychedelic Press Journal #26 is now available. It has the best cover you’ve ever seen and loads of interesting content, including my review of Torsten Passie’s ‘The Science of Microdosing Psychedelics’.
You can get it here.

New Audio for Connect Your Breath!

This is for anyone who has a copy of my booklet/CD ‘Connect Your Breath! Breathwork, Ecstasy and Healing’: I have a nice new de-noised version of the CD.
If you bought this off of me (it’s only available from this website) and therefore have the old, noisy version, and you would like a free download of the nice new one, email me at

MWCB#4: Real Magic In The Real World in Sheffield!

The latest in the highly successful series of MAGICAL WORKSHOPS at Airy Fairy in Sheffield will feature CAT VINCENT, ANWEN and me.

CAT will be doing a talk on ‘The Urban Cunning‘ and leading a small public ritual. Cat is a great teacher and always delivers a session full of, insight, intrigue, illumination and investigation into his chosen topic. You can read more on his accolades in his biog post on the event page.

I shall be talking (with pictures!) about ‘Half-Formed Spirits and Aimless Wandering‘, how found magical objects amplify the power of previously unrelated places.

ANWEN will be presenting an hour long exploration about the ways of working magic

All are welcome, book soon, the last workshop sold out fast!

The Sacred Mountain and the LSD Helicopter – a talk

This is the talk part of a working I presented at Manifestations, the IOT+friends event in October in Sheffield. A very kind person with much better tech skills than me (and who has chosen anonymity) has kindly improved the sound!

Runa-Eormensyl Blog, Issue 1 now out

A Happy New Moon to you all! Here is Issue 1 of a blog by members of the Northern Mysteries initiatic organization the Rune-Gild, in particular the English HQ Eormensyl Hall. The first issue presents the first of seven (yes, seven!) episodes of Ingrid Fischer and Ian Read’s ground-breaking work on Germanic Soul-Lore

magic at occulture berlin

I’m speaking on Operation Mindfuck: The Discordian Prank:
‘Over half a century ago Robert Anton Wilson and Kerry Thornley launched a prank called Operation Mindfuck. What they did started a cultural process that has turned reality into silly putty.
This ‘reality hacking’ opened up the possibility that we can ‘believe in’ magic again, that magical action can be mixed into politics. We can believe whatever we like, even to the extent of doing magic to change the world.
But of course it’s not only magicians who benefit from this attitude to belief. In today’s ‘post-truth’ society, where facts occupy a much lower level of importance than the way they make us feel, even political hustlers have caught on to magical thinking. So what can we do about this?’

I am just one of a great lineup, see here.

Come and see us in beautiful Berlin!

RUNES at Magic, Witchcraft, Chaos and Beyond #3

The next event will be on Sunday 11th November, from 1-6pm.
‘A fascinating, insightful and experiential 5 hour workshop exploring the history, meaning and use of Runes with experienced Rune Mage, Dave Lee.

The afternoon will be split into 3 essential parts, Introduction, meaning and uses with an exploration of runes within nature in our garden, followed by making your own set and culminating in a chance to start your journey in reading your own set of Runes.
Anwen Fryer will show how to make your own set.

Dave Lee has been working extensively with runes for over 30 years, and is recognized within the Rune-Gild as a Master. He is the author of various books on aspects of working magic and a well respected member of the IOT and wider British Magic Community. He has been teaching for a similar length of time and has a tremendous amount of practical experience and knowledge.’

Details here.

chaotopia newsletter

Chaotopia Newsletter, every month or two, has updates on workshops and events, blog items, podcasts, videos etc. Magic, Discordia, Psychedelia. Sign up at
All of this interspersed with pictures to lighten it up.

Magic, Witchcraft, Chaos and Beyond – Day Two

Brian will present The Soul Mirror of The Elements
A one-day workshop, 15th September, 11am to 5pm
At Airy Fairy, London Road, Sheffield.
In this workshop we will learn to understand and empower ourselves by exploring how the four elements operate within ourselves. They are a comprehensive map of all of who we are, on the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical levels.
This workshop will give you the materials to achieve a greater understanding of yourself and to bring yourself into greater balance.
This work is based on the teachings of Czech Hermeticist Franz Bardon, who said “This self-analysis is one of the most important preparatory works in magic. Many occult systems neglect it and thus will not have much success. This spiritual groundwork is most essential to the magical balance, without which there is no regular progression in development.”

Interview with Matthew Belair

Matthew Belair interviewed me last week here. We had bandwidth issues between Sheffield and California, so occasionally we sound like alien androids.
We discussed:
– Magic and the power to influence and create our reality
– Altered states of consciousness and ways to access them
– Bringing magic into everyday life
– Exploring breathwork techniques
– The importance of learning to still the mind and observe
– Going into bliss and moving through uncomfortable states
– The 3 Types of breath patterns
– Bliss breathing
– 20 Breath technique
– The body as astounding multidimensional technology
– Why dualism is pushed upon us
– 4 Basic principles of human thought
– The art of a “spell”
– Magical mantras