Connected Breathwork Sessions Now Available to More People!

For some years now, I’ve been delivering sessions via Skype, with excellent results.
If you have a broadband connection, and a webcam you can position to give an image of yourself as you lie down for your session, I can deliver a Connected Breathwork session to you anywhere in the world!
So far, my Skype-users include clients in North America, Iceland and Ireland, so wherever you are, you can experience a full Connected Breathwork session!

Fees for Skype sessions are lower, to reflect the fact that I don’t have to travel or prepare a space for you in my home. See the BREATHWORK page for details of fees.

3 thoughts on “Connected Breathwork Sessions Now Available to More People!

  • Hi, Are you based near the centre of Sheffield? I’ve done breathwork before but not vivation and I’m looking for some coaching, Skype may be an option. Also, I have used your cd before and found it very helpful.

    Kind regards,

    • Hi Lisa,
      I’m in Sheffield 8. I’m glad to hear you got some good results from the CD. Yes, I’d be happy to coach you!

    • HI Lisa, Somehow I only just saw this comment, my apologies for being so unobservant!
      Glad you found the CD useful. I am in Meersbrook, Sheffield 8. I would be happy to arrange a coaching session,
      All the best


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