Life Force now available!

This is a book about subtle energy, for those who can’t bring themselves to ‘believe in’ subtle energy. Life Force explains techniques which allow the reader to explore and celebrate the feelings that are undeniably, irrefutably real to consciousness and appear to stem from ‘subtle energies.’ It explores those schemes of belief which work best for experiencing, cultivating and manipulating these subtle sensations. It is about learning new languages, the languages of breath and energy-sensing.

From a review by Lionel Snell:
‘With its clear, practical exercises, advice, FAQ and references, Life Force is a great way to get a feel for magic’s energy model and its practical benefits. Although the book does introduce simple pranayama techniques, we are also reminded that breathwork is best not practiced alone…

‘If you are having serious doubts about whether Chi, orgone, chakras, subtle bodies, prana etc actually exist, and you feel ready for a white knuckle energy experience, then you should take a look at Life Force.’

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