Catch-23 announcement – Dave Lee and George Rogers to do ritual

Composer, artist and magician George Rogers will be working with me on my ritual for Catch-23: From SNAFU to FUBAR, a working against the global war machine. Join us on the 7th July!

40+ performers 4+ rooms 14 hours – so be there early this will be one full and magical day
Catch 23 is looming on the horizon like a fun-packed leviathan, with Saturday 7 July 2018 coming closer with every breath you take. The Yellow Arch in Sheffield is the place to be from 2pm till 4am, for 14 hours of Psychedelic Endurance and Discordian Resistance. It’s a 14-hour festival in a club!

CATCH 23 will feature over 30 acts across three main rooms, plus walkabouts and pop-up performances. As well as bands, DJs, theatre, talks, magic, games and playshops there will be a fully licensed bar, street food, activities and immersive art.

Greg Wilson – Henge – Kermit & The Super Weird Sound – Daisy Eris Campbell- John Higgs

Forest Sounds – Cuckoo Clocks – Horton Jupiter – Giblet- Naked Grace Missionaries – The Peaceful Ones – Bloom Duo – Terry Logan & Chris Manley – Michelle Olley – Nikki Wyrd – ‘Tony Blair Walks On Water’ – Quip – The Private Sector – Chris Bateman – The Wonderists – Sanscrypt – Nmesme – Hearing Things – Man Bites Fridge

Aaltra – Dolly Turing – Jonathan Harris – Katy-Anne Bellis – The Undertakers – Emily J Electric – Verity Spott – Cat Vincent – Tom Baker – Dave Lee – Fran Green – Claudia Egypt – The Hills Are Alive – Dorothy’s Ghost – Helen Nicol – Pope Flagdag The Brave – Little Pope Peep – Suzi Price (Gong Bath) – The Buddhist Punk – Punch and Jody Show – Larry Sidorczuk – The Death Of Roses- Cassandra (Fortune Teller) – Imagination Wars – Myra Stuart- Matt Smart – Rebecca Hearne – Jaz Coupland -Cate Kneale –
plus surprises and more – Catch 23 is the party of the year and seriously not to be missed!

In The White Room, Forest Sounds Theatre will induct you into The Church of Jim, a dystopian cult commune, with cake. Lisa Lovebucket will present the world premiere of Tony Blair Walks On Water, an autobiographical play taking in politics, craziness, Discordianism and the 90s rave era. John Higgs will be talking us through the 21st Century so far; Cat Vincent will present his essential workshop on Defence Against The Dark Arts; there will be ritual magic from Dave Lee, money burning with Jonathan Harris, an introduction to Eris from Little Pope Peep and inspired storytelling from Claudia Egypt. We’ll also hear from Chris Bateman, game designer and author of the books Chaos Ethics, Imaginary Games and The Mythology of Evolution;writer, editor and filmmaker Michelle Olley; and Nikki Wyrd, noted occultist, editor of Psychedelic Press UK and director of Breaking Convention, the international conference on psychedelic consciousness.

Live music will include sets from one of Sheffield’s finest bands, Cuckoo Clocks, who combine the hypnotic sweep of west coast psychedelia with country tinged soul and folk electronica, as well as Festival 23 favourites Giblet, Bloom Duo, The Private Sector, The Wonderists and Terry Logan & Chris Manley. We’re also excited to welcome The Naked Grace Missionaries, Man Bites Fridge, Nmesme, Quip, Dorothy’s Ghost, The Hills Are Alive and Hearing Things, who will be playing the music of avant-garde electric guitar composer Rhys Chatham.

The DJ line-up is headed by the legendary Horton Jupiter, plus The Peaceful Ones, Emily J Electric, Aaltra, Fran Green, Sanscrypt and Dolly Turing, who will also be presenting a mixture of poetry, music and physical performance as Quest(ion). Artists Myra Stuart, Matt Smart, Rebecca Hearne, Cate Kneale and Jaz Coupland will exhibit and create a psychedelic interactive environment for the event. There will also be a RAW art show by acclaimed US artist Bobby Campbell, showcasing “The Art of Illuminatus!” This is a UK exclusive and the only chance to see Bobby’s work exhibited outside of the United States.

Eris Needs You!

The 23rd Rotten Apple Corps

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