New Audio for Connect Your Breath!

This is for anyone who has a copy of my booklet/CD ‘Connect Your Breath! Breathwork, Ecstasy and Healing’: I have a nice new de-noised version of the CD.
If you bought this off of me (it’s only available from this website) and therefore have the old, noisy version, and you would like a free download of the nice new one, email me at

2 thoughts on “New Audio for Connect Your Breath!

  • david lee 23 synchro-nice-teas. Hi, hope you’re well… I’m Will (contacted you about the wormwood on freecycle;)…

    Haven’t read your new work… well done… just ordered! ;+)

    Was gonna ask for advice… if yer don’t mind?

    Much love and laughter and stuff,


    (ddon’t tell mind-firer 🙂

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