Happy 2018 everyone!

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Two interviews with me are now available as podcasts. Ed Liu of Psychedelic Milk has just posted one up here. And Gordon White’s interview from back in the Summer is still available here. More to come soon!

Life Force now available!

This is a book about subtle energy, for those who can’t bring themselves to ‘believe in’ subtle energy. Life Force explains techniques which allow the reader to explore and celebrate the feelings that are undeniably, irrefutably real to consciousness and appear to stem from ‘subtle energies.’ It explores those schemes of belief which work best Read more about Life Force now available![…]

Connected Breathwork Sessions Now Available to More People!

For some years now, I’ve been delivering sessions via Skype, with excellent results. If you have a broadband connection, and a webcam you can position to give an image of yourself as you lie down for your session, I can deliver a Connected Breathwork session to you anywhere in the world! So far, my Skype-users Read more about Connected Breathwork Sessions Now Available to More People![…]