Online course – Introduction to Connected Breathwork

On this course, you will learn to breathe in a continuous cycle which will nudge aside the internal monologue and put you in the present moment, in your body, in feelings. You will learn to appreciate whatever is there, just under the surface of your thoughts, and so to achieve bliss states much more readily. Read more about Online course – Introduction to Connected Breathwork[…]


A whole new programme of workshops – Seven Days of Magic – 7 workshops next year at Sheffield’s Airy Fairy, with the first two being: Jan 18. Crystal Magic 2-6pm Feb 29. Charms and Sigils. Followed by – Collage and Cut-up in Magic. 2-6pm For up-to-date news, subscribe to my Chaotopia Newsletter at and Read more about MAGIC, WITCHCRAFT, CHAOS AND BEYOND 2020![…]

MWCB#4: Real Magic In The Real World in Sheffield!

The latest in the highly successful series of MAGICAL WORKSHOPS at Airy Fairy in Sheffield will feature CAT VINCENT, ANWEN and me. CAT will be doing a talk on ‘The Urban Cunning‘ and leading a small public ritual. Cat is a great teacher and always delivers a session full of, insight, intrigue, illumination and investigation Read more about MWCB#4: Real Magic In The Real World in Sheffield![…]

Runa-Eormensyl Blog, Issue 1 now out

A Happy New Moon to you all! Here is Issue 1 of a blog by members of the Northern Mysteries initiatic organization the Rune-Gild, in particular the English HQ Eormensyl Hall. The first issue presents the first of seven (yes, seven!) episodes of Ingrid Fischer and Ian Read’s ground-breaking work on Germanic Soul-Lore

magic at occulture berlin

I’m speaking on Operation Mindfuck: The Discordian Prank: ‘Over half a century ago Robert Anton Wilson and Kerry Thornley launched a prank called Operation Mindfuck. What they did started a cultural process that has turned reality into silly putty. This ‘reality hacking’ opened up the possibility that we can ‘believe in’ magic again, that magical Read more about magic at occulture berlin[…]

RUNES at Magic, Witchcraft, Chaos and Beyond #3

The next event will be on Sunday 11th November, from 1-6pm. ‘A fascinating, insightful and experiential 5 hour workshop exploring the history, meaning and use of Runes with experienced Rune Mage, Dave Lee. The afternoon will be split into 3 essential parts, Introduction, meaning and uses with an exploration of runes within nature in our Read more about RUNES at Magic, Witchcraft, Chaos and Beyond #3[…]

Magic, Witchcraft, Chaos and Beyond – Day Two

Brian will present The Soul Mirror of The Elements A one-day workshop, 15th September, 11am to 5pm At Airy Fairy, London Road, Sheffield. In this workshop we will learn to understand and empower ourselves by exploring how the four elements operate within ourselves. They are a comprehensive map of all of who we are, on Read more about Magic, Witchcraft, Chaos and Beyond – Day Two[…]